Sunday, 30 March 2008

More Exercise

It's catching this walking lark. Well I wasn't going to hang around a lake watching (& thereby causing problems with Joe) my dear son relearn fly fishing. He gets bored quite easily so I'm better off out of the way. I took the dogs for a walk instead. Just 3 miles or so & we all got covered in mud. Most of the walk was boggy but hey, the weather was lovely, bright sunshine was a pleasant change from the snow & rain & wind from Suffolk. In fact I got quite warm walking uphill. The dogs are now fast asleep & still have muddy paws but never mind. I'll have to wake them up later to go out again. It's a hard life being a dog. Obviously.
All this walking has to be good for me but boy is my back bad just now. I think I feel a long soak in the bath coming on before long. Nice end to a nice day.

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