Sunday, 30 August 2009

I'm really not much good .........

.......... at keeping up with this blog lark! Still inspired by the photos taken at my step-daughters wedding I'm going to try & get back into photography a little. Afterall I do have a fancy DSLR to play with. Well it's basic by a pros standard but that's what I'm not!
I have a great pic of my hair for this wedding, styled by my hairdresser at Igloo in Kendal & very kindly photographed by Pete of Lawson Photography at the wedding. Thank you Pete.

To fill space, some recent pics I took at the Dales Falconry centre. The other half took a days course where I trailed around as official photographer. I took our Joe last week who now wants to do a days course!

I had the wrong lens on to photograph this owl, I'd just been trying to catch a Saker Falcon in the air. They fly that fast it's damn near impossible! G force of 9 or 10!!

Saker Falcon in flight