Sunday, 5 September 2010


Well today I'm of to work at the Alexon womanswear outlet at K village, my Sunday job.  Extra income ya know.  Not much but I get to play with clothes all day.  I plan on wearing the new pants from that divine details pattern, they're not brilliant but they'll do.  Meanwhile we gathered brambles & they are going to be turned into jelly, & checked the sloes out for when we make sloe gin, looks like a good crop again this year, better start buying the gin next week.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

4th September

The usual dog walking!  Mans XXXL tee restyled to fit me a few years ago, with the words "Teach a man how to fish & you get rid of him for a whole weekend"  Poop bag carrier.  Oh how sad...........
Sooty the cat got in the pic too.  White cat - Sooty?  Blame the previous owners.
Customer support at is brilliant.  I now have a working copy of the Curves program.  Just need to input the measurements all over again as the back up file has my older, bigger numbers in it!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Today update

Well I've no photo for today at this point in time but I am wearing a top I drafted in PMB a couple of years ago based on one I saw in a Burda magazine.  I have been trying to reload programs on the laptop which crashed a couple of days ago.  So far only one won't go back on because the disc is cracked & I'm not happy as that is my Wildginger Curves program - my tees drafting marvel.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Mary I do so agree about what seeing what we really wear on a daily basis.  I'm in danger of being seen as very boring before long!!

Self Stitched September.......

This isn't going to be so easy.  However yesterday & the day before I did manage it but boy do I need to do something about my dog walking gear.  If nothing else I will need to sew some replacement clothes sooner rather than later!!

Blackpool Zoo on the 1st was lovely & warm.  I didn't manage to look very glam but I was comfortable.  Hand drafted skirt from several years ago, can't see the A-symetric hem, & top from I think  Simplicity pattern that I can't find.
2nd Sept. Dog walking gear doesn't vary much but serves it's purpose for now!!!  Burda WoF magazine waistcoat from years ago that I customised with hidden zippered pockets as part of a travel wardrobe muslin.  I made another that I preferred actually that might show up later in the month.  PMCurves drafted Tee that fit well a few years back, worn a lot & dreadful pattern & colours!!  Whatever was I thinking?  I was thinking it was cheap & cheerful for a muslin.
As for today, will have to wait for a photographer.