Saturday, 29 March 2008

Easter Break

Thank goodness there won't be another Easter so early in the year in my lifetime. At least not when we manage to get away for a few days. We drove to Suffolk in rain, snow, bright sunshine & more snow.
The next day we awoke to more snow. Well the others awoke to it. I saw it falling around 3 AM. In fact I was running around the site in it trying to catch a runaway dog! We hadn't mastered the heating controls in our rather damp chalet so it was way too hot for the older dog & she came to wake me with very loud, heavy panting. Clever me thought a little bit of fresh air would help. She could potter about outside the chalet while I stood in the doorway. Yeah, right. Sindy took off. Fast. I grabbed my coat & followed her, able to follow her tracks in the snow. In my dressing gown & slippers with a coat on top. The security guys thought it was hilarious when I finally caught her in front of them. No they didn't help.
We figured out the heating & the hot water & the weak shower the next day. We walked on the beach in the snow & Sindy took off again. She did every day. I think she's read that poem about wearing purple & pleasing herself. Well she is 15 now, that's 101 in human years?

We also went sea fishing, well the anorak & Joe did. I hung around & looked after the dogs & took lots of pics of the sea & waves crashing on the beach.

We went to the local wildlife park but as someone was shooting nearby we couldn't leave the dogs in the car so the anorak walked them back to the site. The younger dog, Jess, is gun shy you see. They wouldn't have been left alone for long anyway but it's not an option when she's panicked. Joe & I had fun watching the animals. Next day we went to Great Yarmouth & the anorak & son went to Sealife while I walked the dogs miles along the prom. We've had a good break with lots of exercise & by the last morning the dogs had got used to staying in the living area instead of trying to sleep with us. It's scary staying in a strange place when you're a dog. Obviously.

The pebbled beach. Just because I like pebbles.

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