Monday, 1 March 2010

Bit of this & that

On the bread making, I borrowed a library book on breadmakers this week & so far what I have produced tastes (& feels) heavy compared with the hand kneaded product.  I'll persevere with other recipes, having produced passable results before but I think know where my preferences lie! 
More yoghurt made & strained for cheese, my daughter wanted to polish off the last lot, it was so good.  Have to drive to Barrow in rush hour traffic & road works tomorrow morning to take her for a final appt with the knee specialist.  Hopefully he'll sign her off, 12 months after rebuilding part of her knee.  Still we're going to make a day of it, bit of shopping (window only for me)  & lunch out, my friend is coming too so I won't get to go ogle caravans at Bardsea Leisure to dream about later.  I want a caravan but it's still so out of our budget. 
My tame & friendly manager told me today that my course is a go for after April.  Yea!  Just need to make a decision about tailoring or corsetry.  Hmmm, I really can't decide.