Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A fun week?

It's turning into an eventful week. I just got back from 2 hours in A & E with Joe. Sudden sharp pains that reduced him to tears is not normal for my lovely little boy. The anorak panics over the slightest hiccup so I calmly got Joe in the car & went to the hospital where of course the pain disappeared rapidly & the mouth started. On & on he talks & talks & talks some more. By now I'm glad my hair is loose & the place busy or the staff would recognise me as the one who supplies their uniforms & they would think I'm the over anxious mother. All the usual checks done & then the wait for the doctor. In comes the senior nursing officer who promptly recognises me! We're referred to the out of hours GP who is based there as the A & E doc is busy & we'd have at least a 2 hour wait. We're seen quite quickly & a urine sample is requested. Joe is examined & no pain anywhere but there is apparently a trace of blood in his urine so now we have to convince our GP's receptionist that he has to be seen within 48 hours or else. That's a job for the morning then. Immediately before the school run.
I cooked tea tonight, having been unusually indecisive for an hour or so, I opted for quiche as we've so many eggs. Broccoli & bacon to be precise. Served with baby corn & curly fries. I have a big bowl of grated root veg that I use for my lunch & the anorak & I had a helping of that as well. He of course smothered his in salad cream. I didn't, I don't much like it. Mayonnaise I do like but decided to keep the last little bit of home made mayo for my lunch tomorrow - it's got garlic & chilli & lemon juice in with lots of black pepper. Yummy.
I embroidered the back of a fleece jumper for the anorak last night.

"Carp fishing.
It's not a passion.
It's an obsession."

Says it all really. I did take a photo but the light wasn't good so I deleted it. Instead there's a pic of Joe when we went sea fishing last month. The light was brilliant.

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