Tuesday, 1 April 2008

One of those days

Don't you just hate it when the day goes pear shaped right at the start? Actually it started around 11 PM last night. Noisy teenagers playing in the road outside. Then I slept in as I took ages to get back to sleep. I went out to the car only to discover what woke me up. Said teens had smashed the wing mirror on my car. Thanks guys. Someone did the other one on Saturday night. So now I have a matching pair or wing mirrors. Hanging on by a thread (wire). Ring the police lodge a complaint. Cover poor wing mirror with plastic bag to stop the insides getting wetter & get soaked by passing speeding car hitting big puddle. Lots of bad language on my part I'm afraid & I admit to losing my temper with the poor old anorak who was trying to help. I wish he'd just leave me alone when I ask him to!! Cycle to work, late. It rains, nay pours down, so arrive at work & put all my clothes on the radiators to dry. Good job I wear a uniform isn't it?
Then a colleague in the neighbouring department puts it all in perspective. Her son (in his 30's, a family man with 2 kids) was admitted to intensive care last night with an unknown complaint having been fit well up to this point. Then she had a call to say he was deteriorating so she went. I pray the doctors have been able to help & he makes full recovery. And my problems seem trivial in comparison.
Last but by no means least. My daughter is 20 today. Happy Birthday Dani. I love you. The teen from hell is a lovely young woman that I am so proud of. And her Grandpa would be so proud of her too. He would have been 90 today. Yes they share the same birthday. Definitely not April fools!

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