Monday, 30 June 2008

This time I really have finished!

I started to cut out & then changed my mind about the planned top. Back to the wardrobe & I realised the top from V2925 I made a few months ago not only had the right neckline but it wasn't too long to go under the jacket & the navy was about the same shade as the trousers! Problem solved. The pics my friend took for me didn't quite cut it one way or another so I had to let my, 10 yr old on Thursday, son take them in DD's bedroom once we'd cleared a space against the white wall - the others are bright pink! I wish I could have found my phone as the auto focus camera on that is pretty good, instead Joe had to try & use my Nikon & lense which means some of the pics are not quite focused but they will have to do. I'm usually the photographer in the family so pics of me are few & far between.
I like the jacket with the trousers better than with the dress & as for the bag - well that's better with the pants as well!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Last minute again

I'm back to the drawing board with the top for the capsule. How I thought the navy top I already have, matches the trousers I don't know. It is too dark. So I have a couple of hours in which to draft & make a top. Better get off the computer then hadn't I! I have got pics of everything but of course will need to start again once I've made another top.

Saturday, 28 June 2008


I finished all my June Capsule Contest yesterday. It took me a week to muster up the enthusiasm to finish the bag but it's done now & I don't like it! Well I do - but not with the capsule. My DS says he won't be seen out with me if I use it. It is far bigger than I imagined it would be so it's definitely a stop & stare bag! It might be fun to see how much attention it gets when I go out. Next I have to get photos of me wearing the creations, hope the weather's nice tomorrow & DS is in a co-operative mood!
I need to decide what to sew next. Something quick & simple again, I have skirt & blouse fabric & Burda WoF calling me, or the white Vogue pattern jacket? I also want to do the nightwear sewalong but I don't think I have any fabric, I need to decide on styles too. No PJ's, I get too hot these days, although some summer PJ's would be good for the holiday in case someone catches sight of me outside the caravan in the mornings. In fact I need some holiday clothes as well. Most of all I need some shoes & sandals but I need time on my own to go & buy some, Shoe shopping & DS don't go hand in hand.
On a completely different subject, work is a pain. I discovered a while ago that I was doing the same work as a supervisor at another hospital within the trust. I'm on a payband 2 steps lower so I complained. The outcome to date? I have to rewrite my job description & then the "new" supervisors job will be advertised. So I'll have to re apply for my job. I'm not happy. What happened to internal promotion?

Sunday, 15 June 2008


I've got somewhere with my sewing for a change. Not finished yet but on the way after a couple of false starts. The beige trousers have been relegated to a second capsule (if I get it sewn up!) & a pair of navy in a different style substituted. The jacket is done & the dress too. Just have a top to make if I ever finalise a style, & I decided to make Linda Ghee's Fish Bag as my accessory which I may get started later tonight. Or not.
I made a top from my chosen fabric but it just doesn't go with the jacket. It does go with the pants & some others I have so not a lost cause. The beige trousers also go with other tops so that's good.
I have some off white linen that is an exact match for the off white of the dress which I have been deliberating about whether to make a jacket or a pair of trousers. I think the jacket's winning. Probably Vogue 8480
So the Capsule patterns so far:
Vogue2925 for the trousers. Vogue 8472 for the dress & jacket, the dress was lengthened by about 5" & the jacket by 2". Fabulous Fish Handbag from Linda Ghee.

All garments displayed on my new friend who is currently nameless & doesn't yet have my bust - hence the dress isn't quite right on her! The back of the jacket is gathered onto the yoke , a detail that I was'nt sure about but quite like now.

I'm changing the name from Summer Holiday too as this isn't a packable wardrobe, maybe I'll call it A Summer's Eve to fit with my casual but attempting to look smarter when I go out look!