Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ready to sew

Well if I can get myself away from this computer I will be! Another fabric shopping trip & I've got fabric for the JCC. Plan B, Summer Holiday is the one as I couldn't find any pink camo anywhere at a price I'm prepared to pay to make up Plan A, Hooked on Pink! Trousers already made in the beige. I've opted for the Keep It Simple Stupid approach so I have a chance of finishing in time. The accessory is currently a fly in the ointment as I really don't know what I want to make. I'm sure something will suggest itself be it bought or made before the end of the contest.

Monday, 12 May 2008

June Capsule Update

Gosh aren't I getting ahead of myself. I found & then cut out & sewed up the trousers for plan B, just in case plan A doesn't come off!
The pattern is an out of print Butterick. Typically I over estimated how loose fitting they are & ended up taking the side seams in! This is because the last time I made them I wore a size 14. Sigh. My measurements are nearer an 18 in some areas so I cut them a bit too large. Serves me right, I should have stuck to my PMB pattern.
That's the beige linen / cotton blend used. Next up is likely to be the twill trousers for fishing but I need to draft a pattern as I want zip off cargo pants. Maybe I've got something similar somewhere to base the pattern on, like a Jalie mens pants that I just need to change the shape slightly. Hmmmmm. Bed is calling I'll sleep on it.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Time Flies

Or so it seems. I'm not sure I've done very much but don't seem to have found enough time to blog. I have however got my sewing mojo back. At least when I get the opportunity to sew! I have committed myself to the June Capsule challenge over at Stitchers Guild
It is still at the planning stage but I should be able to manage one of my two ideas. Plan A,
Hooked on pink, is a capsule to wear on my fishing trips instead of boring old camo & just to annoy the anorak. I need to find some pink camo fabric for a waistcoat though & probably buy a baseball cap in pink camo. And I've some pattern drafting to do.
Summer Holiday is plan B, pinks & purples & beige pants.
I discovered I already have some tops that will go with either the jacket in the pink, or the trousers, in beige, although not necessarily both at once! Had I realised this I might not have bought the pink & blue batik but I do like it. The beauty of this colour choice is that I can make more capsules of clothes that will fit in with some of these colours & thus expand the options so I'll never be able say I've nothing to wear!!!! Black for example will go with the pink as a pair of trousers or capris or something, even a skirt, & black in a jacket will go with the beige pants, and both will go with the tops. Then I'll have a black base to add other colours to & expand the options. Or navy instead of black - another classic combination. You see sewing with a plan does work. SWAP. (Look at how it works when done right, scroll down the page for fantastic wardrobing skills.) Just split into smaller bite size pieces, hopefully easy enough to stick with, seeing as I didn't get going with the official SWAP.