Friday, 31 December 2010

Out with the old -

- and in with the new!  I was going to get all philosophical & debate the wisdom of disposing of the old rubbish & starting afresh with the new but I'm too tired!!  In fact I've turned down an invite to stay home & be very lazy.  But I know that I need to rest more than I used to as I'm living a more stressful life than I used to.  I must be number one in my life some of the time!! Selfish?  Maybe.  But in order to look after the rest I must take care of myself.  I need to re think my own plans & goals for the coming year & find a balance.  It will be a challenge but I like the odd challenge!
I have resisted the urge to join in the 2011 SWAP on Stitchers Guild.  I've started a couple of times but never got very far, so this year I'm not going to try as I know time is in short supply.  I will however try & make what I do sew in to some kind of co-ordinating wardrobe.  Unless of course I need something specific.  Like the LBD I made earlier this year.  I have worn it more than the one occasion & it works well.