Saturday, 22 March 2008

Brrrrr it's cold.

The weather has gone mad! Today we've had sunshine, biting gale force winds, snow, hail, sleet & pouring rain. And then it dried up again.
A lovely surprise arrived in the post - I've wona book in a competition - Kaffe Fassett quilts in the sun. Something to drool over & plan & scheme & wish for time to create. I wanted to take something away with me to work on but haven't the time to prepare. Usually I have a small tapestry or embroidery or something to do. I'm just taking books to read instead & maybe some suduko or crosswords. I'm not good at either but hey the brain needs a workout sometimes. Maybe I'll try my son's DS Brain training!
meanwhile I have no idea how we'll fit everything in the car devoid of bootspace because the dogs will be in there.
Tea tonight was good. Jamie Olivers roast lamb with smashed veg! How come Joe doesn't like mashed potato, especially if it is remotely lumpy, but will eat slightly squashed potato, carrot & swede & love it. Likewise gravy. He never has gravy, says he doesn't like it. But make proper gravy from the roast lamb & stir in mint sauce & call it a sauce & one wolf & it's gone.
Being resourceful, tomorrows tea will be the remains of the lamb, in the gravy - I mean sauce - topped with the smashed veg & put in the oven to reheat & brown & call it a pie! Served with broccoli probably.

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