Monday, 30 August 2010


Of sorts.  I am not far off finishing the wearable muslin trousers of the Divine Details pattern mentioned in the last post.  The photo on the envelope is misleading, to me anyway.  It clearly shows the pants sitting below the models waist & I wrongly assumed (even though the description didn't say they were meant to be below the waist) that they would fit below the waist.  They reach to my waist & a little higher.  Now higher is to be expected as I purposely didn't do any pattern alterations so that I could clearly see what I would need to do with the next pair.  I have retreived them by taking the waist in by about 1.5" & will put the waist binding a bit lower so they aren't so high around my waist.  Now as I have a tummy which I never had years ago (!) I wrongly thought the alteration I used to do of shortening the body by around an 1" wouldn't be needed (extra fabric & all that)  but I was wrong.  I've been using a self drafted pattern for some years which still needs tweaking so I'd opted for a purchased pattern to start again.  The next version will have the pattern altered before I start, at this stage I don't think I will need to alter the waist circumference as it will hit at a wider point if it's lower than it is currently.  Overall I like the style, though I'm not sure whether I will do the piping on the back yoke again or not.  If I do I think I will choose a contrast rather than use the same fabric. 
I have lots of fabric staring at me & no time to get stuck into it! 
I'm on leave but trying to rest & take it easy just doing what I feel like as for the first time in 7 years I don't actually want to go back to work & face the people problems that ruined the day I finished for my holiday.  It shows that I'm not out of the woods yet as far as the mild depression the Doc diagnosed a few months back.  I was always stronger than this but life has taken it's toll this last couple of years & I need to adjust I suppose.

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