Friday, 3 September 2010

Self Stitched September.......

This isn't going to be so easy.  However yesterday & the day before I did manage it but boy do I need to do something about my dog walking gear.  If nothing else I will need to sew some replacement clothes sooner rather than later!!

Blackpool Zoo on the 1st was lovely & warm.  I didn't manage to look very glam but I was comfortable.  Hand drafted skirt from several years ago, can't see the A-symetric hem, & top from I think  Simplicity pattern that I can't find.
2nd Sept. Dog walking gear doesn't vary much but serves it's purpose for now!!!  Burda WoF magazine waistcoat from years ago that I customised with hidden zippered pockets as part of a travel wardrobe muslin.  I made another that I preferred actually that might show up later in the month.  PMCurves drafted Tee that fit well a few years back, worn a lot & dreadful pattern & colours!!  Whatever was I thinking?  I was thinking it was cheap & cheerful for a muslin.
As for today, will have to wait for a photographer.


Mary said...

ah, dog walking gear...on my list too! Both outfits are comfy looking and cute! I'm trying to post my REAL clothes during self-stitched september and not fall prey to fashion expectations.

Mary said...

ah, dog walking gear...that's on my sewing list also. Both of your outfits look comfy and cute! I am trying to avoid dressing for Self-Stitched September and just photographing what I really am wearing each day. It's fun to see other wardrobes, isn't it?