Friday, 13 August 2010

Time, where did you go?

Time has just flown lately.  I am working evenings as well as mornings & have been too tired to do anything much when I get home, so no sewing but some pattern browsing & daydreaming.
I have a sideways promotion at work which I take up at the beginning of September on a temporary 3 month contract but "temporary" at our place tends to mean permanent!  I'm shadowing the current post holder for now & then I have a couple of weeks off before I jump in the deep end.  I've already said I willl likely ruffle a few feathers including the bosses but hey they know it needs doing & have said they'll back me up - the proof will be if changes actually happen.  Like communication.  Communication is a big deal in my book, without it the department will just continue to muddle through & I don't like it as it is, as I'm temporary (?) I can make some noises.  If it becomes permanent then I've succeeded.............  Or I'm another mug.  We'll see in 3 months time.
I did take a day off yesterday to go to Preston with a friend & I have some fabric to drool over & hopefully get some things sewn up while I'm off for two weeks.  That is the plan, the reality is I have DS who needs some attention & we'll have Henry the black lab, my step-daughters dog, staying for a week as well so two lively dogs that will need lots of long walks.  I was lookiing forward to that but today my ankle has swollen up so I'm hoping resting this weekend will help.  No idea what I've done to it, feels a bit bruised like I've bashed it on something but absolutely no idea what!  Is this a sign I'm ageing?  Senior moments? 
Back to the fabric.  I was restrained by my sensible friend & only bought to make a smart casual capsule wardrobe that I need rather than what I want to sew but don't actually need!  So a dark aubergine wool mix textured print for a jacket & trousers & probably a waistcoat that will likely be on the casual side.  A pink tweed for a jacket, & a grey wool for trousers.  I will have to find time this weekend to start fitting the patterns.  Ho hum.  Time, I'm tired but a lie in will help if I'm allowed that is!!
Have to say I've had several months of not sleeping properly, sometimes not at all, the doc has me on anti depressants which have helped in some areas of my life but not with the sleep.  Whittards of Chelsea opened a store in Kvillage 3 weeks ago & I bought some of their "dreamtime" hot chocolate & most nights I have slept far better than I have for at least 6 months, not every night but at least I have had more sleep than I was getting, must be something in the drink!!  I don't care if it is psychological, it's working!!

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Mary said...

Your new fabric sounds gorgeous. I am starting to think about fall and winetr sewing...picked up some beautiful raisin colored linen blend which I'll make into flowy pants. I also have been on a dbl knit trend and have some winter white that will be a casual jacket with hood.

If you still have trouble sleeping, see your dr. That can wear a body down pretty fast!