Saturday, 28 August 2010


Don't you just miss them when they up & die on you?  This laptop died on Wednesday & the old desktop went to join it, much to the anoraks disgust but that's only because he needs me to update his CV for a job who's deadline is Monday.  Well a geeky friend got the laptop going again but I've lost everything on it.  All but the most recent photos are backed up but nothing else was.  Note to self - get backing up when normal service is resumed!  I'll have to start over with all my teaching stuff, everything.  All programs need to be put back on.  To be fair not much was worth keeping apart from the pics but I'm even having trouble remembering which blogs I was subscribed to.  I'll get around to those when I remember.  I have started to make a pair of trousers but I've also started a Sunday job so I'll not get much sewing done tomorrow.  I will however be playing with clothes all day in the shop.  Sew Direct here in the UK has a buy one get two free, pattern offer this weekend so I've sucumbed as I did last time but I have only ordered six this time & no duplicates. 
I'm making these in a dark grey pinstripe.  Didn't have quite enough fabric so the hoped for play with stripes on the yoke & piping hasn't really materialised.  I'm not adding back pockets either.  These are hopefully a wearable muslin for a wool mix that I bought a couple of weeks back.  I've made no alterations to the pattern as I've lost weight a preliminary measurement checks with the pattern indicate I might just have a pattern I can sew straight out of the envelope.  We'll see.  The only trouble with Divine Details patterns is the number of pieces!  Then the lack of room to get two machines out at once.  I've done all I can with one, next I need the other out.   So why did I choose another trousers pattern?  Well this Claire Shaeffer one has good reviews on Stitchers Guild (can't be bothered to can't find the topic) so I thought I'd try a couture pair at some point.  I like this Michael Kors dress too but not sure when I'd get to wear it, hasn't stopped me buying the pattern though!!

The details on this white jacket are lovely, though I'm not sure I like the pleated sleeve cap.
The top is a good basic for winter.

Kinda like this cape pattern too.
I chose another pattern but can't remember which one it is now, must be getting late the brain's giving up.  I've just had one week off work & have done very little but take it easy & next week have a couple of things to do but intend to carry on taking it easy.  My last day at work was incredibly stressful & I'm still not over it but I will be soon.  Must be hot chocolate time.

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