Friday, 10 October 2008

Like I said...............

I will find time to keep this blog updated. Actually now I'm the proud owner of a shiny new laptop I may manage to get on t'internet when I want to, not when the house computer is free!! This pretty lake we found in France! Well we were directed to it by the fishing tackle shop & spent a happy day catching. Joe 7, the anorak 3, & me? Well I caught 9 just doing my own thing! We went back two days later to find the locals trying to catch their supper & were informed that actually we couldn't fish there at all & the info we'd been given was duff! Certainly put my French skills to the test trying to explain what we had been told to a rather irritated Frenchman who directed me to the local town & tackle shop to confirm what he had said ws true. Oh well. Joe & I then spent the afternoon at the campsite pool while the anorak went to fish a lake on site.

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