Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A list

Of blogs I just came across that have been interesting reads. I've put them on my blog feed.

notes from the frugal trenches
beauty that moves
Caseys Musings this last one being fashion & clothes rather than how we should be living.

Soule Mama has got some yummy recipe links if you like pumpkin.

I am inspired once more to live better than I do now. I had already decided to join my best friend on her journey to re-instigate her veg garden along with another friend. The only drawback is that I have no option but to drive there as she lives out in the country but as I try & see her once every couple of weeks or more if I can putting the gardening gear in the car is no big deal. Right now I want to plant pumpkins! Thank you Soule Mama! However while I have grown them before along with lots of other good veggies, I'm not sure all my ( & my family's) taste in veg will be the same as Sue & Lynne who pretty much only have themselves to feed. Of course Sue's hubby still has to clear the overgrown hedge first & it could take a while to motivate him! There's simply too much work in that for us three girls.
The anorak & I had to give up our allotment due to lack of time but maybe between us all we can manage this "jardin potager"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention, I too want to plant pumpkins thanks to Soule Mama!