Monday, 22 September 2008

I will find time............... I will.........

I will find time to update this blog! Not tonight, got lesson planning to do, not to mention a pile of ironing & a few buttons to sew on. I've started teaching one night a week & while the pay is good for two hours work it no where near covers the hours of preparation put in. Still, I keep telling myself the samples & stuff I'm making now will be used again next year. If there is a next year.
We had a great holiday in Brittany, I must find time to sort the photos! And next years holiday is already booked, this time based north east of Paris. I see a day trip to the fabric quarter by Montmartre in my future. The anorak doesn't of course share this vision. Tough!
Sad to say we had to have Joe's much loved cat, Tigger put to sleep the week after the holiday. He had suddenly gone downhill so it was the kindest thing to do. I held him as he passed, so peaceful & pain free. This was the first & last illness he ever had, his life had been one of simple pussycat pleasures. He will be missed.

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