Sunday, 12 October 2008

It's Sunday and.....

.............and not a lot really.

We've had Henry for the weekend while his Mum & Dad moved house. Henry being a large, rather portly black labrador. He's gorgeous & gets on well with our two mutts, although Jess thinks he's taking over her space a little. And I forgot to take pictures. I also took Henry up meet Simba,my daughters dog. She doesn't like other dogs but for most of the time she tolerated Henry. He's just so big & laid back nothing fazes him not even a bad tempered GSD look alike! Nor did a collision with a glass patio door. He hadn't noticed it was closed & bounced off it. I was in stitches on the floor!

Talking of stitches, I think my sewing class is going well, no one has compained yet anyway! I need to get off the computer & do some sewing. I need some long sleeve Tees as I threw out the tatty old ones. I have been making some blouses but it's the weather for long sleeve tees right now. I need more bottoms too but I'm not going to make any until I have shed some more weight. 9lbs so far & I'm aiming for another 21lbs to part company with.

I'll let you into a secret. I have a plan to hit 50 in January feeling fabulous & if I can possibly manage it, looking fabulous too. So there. My biggest problem is comfort eating & it's a hard habit to break but there a are good days & bad days so on a good day I'm being very very good & on the bad - I'm finding it so very difficult. Just have to keep focussed on the end result. The anorak thinks there's another man in sight. Humph, I should be so lucky? Doesn't do any harm to keep him on his toes.
Here's Jess in her usual "feeling sorry for myself" pose. There's no hope really is there?
Another week is looming with very little in the way of housekeeping. The anorak had to take two nights off work when the handbrake on the Passat failed so it's back to seeing what we have in the freezer & making do for a week. Good job I like a challenge eh?

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