Monday, 29 June 2015

Change is good

I have changed the blog title to Life is for Living - so live it! & the address to better reflect my life as it is now. 
I have hopes & dreams to persue.  Family to love. Good local food to cook & eat, not to mention work out how to get someone to spin Herdwick fleece into cloth for clothes & curtains.  No I haven't got a flock of sheep or access to fleece, & yes I do know spun on it's own it wouldn't work, needs to be blended with a longer fibre.  But this is a subject I want to look into.  So many ideas not enough time.  Or cash!

How's this for a view from a car park?  Mitchells Auction Mart at Cockermouth.  The home of Woolfest.  The place responsible for my obsession with Herdwick & the possibilities that could open up.

Check out the inspiration from Woolclip



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