Monday, 9 March 2015

Kendal Festival of Food

There have been so many good reviews there's no need for me to write another!  Refer to Twitter or Facebook for links.  I volunteered for the second year as a road marshall.  Gets a bit boring but also get time to checkout all the stalls before I plan my shopping!
I only buy what I can't make or haven't time to have a go at or sometimes buy something different that I might try making myself in the future.  Duck sausages anyone?  I've bought some based on a tasting & I reckon I might make some in the future.  Nothing could be seen as cheap but everything was excellent quality & from the north of the country.  So local ish!  And I came home inspired & made a seeded fig & walnut loaf. Came out a bit heavy but had been itching to try the dough hook on the Kenwood Chef.  Needs more practice or maybe hand kneading is better.  Time will tell.
Tea tonight was butternut & other assorted veg soup with homemade soda bread.  Using up veg so feeling good about that one.  Given that I took today off work I did very little & tea was a bit last minute "don't know what to make"!
I love this town I live in.  So many amazing things go on here throughout the year it's deserving of good reviews.
I've taken to twitter lately & the blogs suffer accordingly!

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