Saturday, 25 June 2011

Testing times

Indeed these are very testing times financially.  The anorak has changed his job, now employed rather than self-employed, & won't get paid until the end of July.  This is really pushing beyond the boundaries as there isn't enough money to cover all outgoings between now & then so I am restricted to around £30 a week for housekeeping, fuel & whatever else might be needed.  Watch this space........
We've survived last week on homemade soup from the freezer, eggs from a friends hens, some homemade bread, homemade cake, & bits & pieces in the store cupboard & freezer.  I did some shopping today & have split a 750g pack of mince into 3 & put in the freezer, padded out with a tin of beans, or some other veg that will be 3 meals, not all this week, two chickens that will each do 3 - 4 meals + stock from the carcases, & I think the dearest item was a pack of 4 pork chops that fed us tonight braised in stock with apples & mushrooms.   However one chop & sauce was saved for a meal to take to work by the anorak next week.  I also stocked up with a bag each of SR flour & plain flour & some veg.  We'll see how long we can manage.  I also had to spend on a couple of plastic lunch boxes that are microwave proof for the anorak to use at work.
Hey ho.
I have even managed to sew a top & long skirt for the hot weather if we get anymore this year, I can't stand trousers when it gets hot.  In fact I prefer dresses but apart from one I made a couple of months back I have only got as far as altering the patttern for another.
My darling Dillon, the Dobermann, won the "Best Rescue" dog at a local companion dog show a few weeks ago.  Fancy a prize for Dillon just being himself!!

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