Sunday, 6 February 2011

A dress finished

I finished the dress from Vogue 8413 & I'm not sure I like it!  The drapey fabric isn't drapey enough for the cowl to hang properly, although looking at the pattern envelope it looks the same so maybe it's just me.  I have about a metre left & I might try & squeeze a version of Butterick 5567 out of it, if not a simple top will have to suffice.  Quite when or where I'll wear the dress I have no idea, I need a function to go to.  Wait, Mum's 90th birthday could be the opportunity, I will need a jacket or something to go over it & the same fabric might be a bit too matchy matchy so I'd better get thinking.  I have a pink tweedy one in the stash but I think it's the wrong shade, maybe a contrast navy would be good.  In which case I'll need to go shopping again!
No photo as yet, need a little time & space to set up the tripod & find a free wall for the background.

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