Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another awards evening

For the second year in a row I was invited to our hospital trust's annual awards evening, dress code smart so posh frock time.  Spotted this pattern in a case that my friend's Mum gave her, real vintage vogue, designer at that.
I borrowed the pattern & redrafted it to fit me using PMB5 from Wild Ginger.  Got to love that software, it fits right out of the box.  The details I changed by hand & I certainly had to tweak the muslin a few times before I was happy.  Note to self - next time an approximate copy will suffice not every dart has to be in the same place!  Pity the detail of gathers on the slanted seam either side of the waist can't been seen in the pics I'm told it's quite slimming!  Bra strap holders kept the shoulders where they should be, as the weight of the cowl tend to pull them one direction or another.
Photos courtesy of my daughter taken at midnight after I got home, very tired , hence the lack of smile on one.  I just wanted to sleep.  Which I did, overslept this morning which wasn't good as I had to be some miles away on a course for 9AM.  Somehow I made it in time to get some coffee before I started.

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