Friday, 4 February 2011


Of the career kind.  I think.  I am now the Domestic Supervisor at our local hospital.  A sideways move but necessary in these uncertain times within the NHS.  It should keep me employed during the next round of job cuts, most of all I hope it will prove to be a stepping stone to better things.  I didn't want to make the move but I'd rather keep myself in employment than face possible redundancy which could have / maybe be an option in the next 12 months.
Meanwhile I have  my beloved Dillon to keep me sane.  Well he keeps me exercised anyhow!  Fresh air & walking a few miles nearly every day has to be a good thing, except when it's raining & neither of us wants to go out.  A flash back to last year, it took us a long time to persuade him to go for a drink in the stream, he hates getting his feet wet as a rule. 
I'm sewing Vogue 8413 view A, well I started it a few weeks ago, in a dusky pink drapey fabric of unknown composition that a friend had in her stash for years & I mean years, going back to our flat share days, so that's over 26 years!  I had a wild idea of making a skirt & several different tops in it but I forgot & cut out the dress instead!  So that's an idea for the future.

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