Saturday, 1 November 2008


Or no decisions on the SWAP front. I was going to make a top to try out a pattern but having drafted the pattern the fabric I was planning wasn't a big enough piece. So I thought it would make Joe some PJ pants so I drafted another pattern. Not enough for those either so I didn't sew anything! Still no confirmed thoughts on my plan. I think I'm just going to sew whatever I feel like at the time so long as it fits the swap criteria & me of course. Actually I was planning to sew bottoms after January but I think I might need some before then if I lose more inches.
I have just made an "Abba" style jumpsuit for a client that fit perfectly first time. The "Morticia" dress I just made myself came out way too big & where it did touch it was too tight! Should've checked the old measurements & the pattern first. Yes I've lost 12lbs, can't shift any more at the moment but there's an inch missing from the hips & 1.5" missing from the waist. Woohoo.
So I missed trick or treating with Joe, he didn't want me there anyway, but I like dressiing up & going out with the kids. Instead I stayed home & greeted lots of ugly monsters & a few very pretty tiny witches.

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