Saturday, 8 November 2008

Back to the SWAP

Well I think I've kind of formulated a plan. Sort of. If you see what I mean. I have a party to go to next week & the usual nothing to wear problem came up. Well I do have a couple of things but not shoes that will be comfy for a whole evening so it has to be trousers for which I do have comfy shoes, which means I need to take in the existing pair of black trousers to fit my slightly slimmer self! So black trousers & what? I have a frilly white blouse which would do but not a jacket that I could wear over it. So I've ended up with some black sueded fabric from the stash & some cheap chinese dragon red brocade fabric from Boyes & a Butterick pattern which I quite like, although next time I'll draft one in PMB 4 & add the pattern details. The lapels are in the red & I've lined the jacket with red lining fabric. It is too close fitting to put much underneath so no white frilly blouse, I'm going to draft something & use the rest of the red brocade for a close fit top. Maybe a waistcoat (vest). Then I really must get the trousers altered.
Any how the SWAP - I realised that I like a lot of the jackets I have patterns for but the swap is for 1 jacket only that goes with the rest of the garments made so this new black / red jacket is limiting as far as colours & maybe style goes so I can't use it, but it will fit with a stage 2 or 3 plan. On the other hand it is close enough fitting to maybe, be classed as a top? Then if I made an outer jacket / coat in something warm & waterproof I will have the jacket requirement sorted & then some of the jacket patterns that are calliing me may also fit as tops. Stretching it a bit? I think so! Yes pushing the boundaries here so rethinking - I do wear some shirts as layers over tees, both long & short sleeve, during the winter so if I find suitable style ideas in patterns & other pictures I could satisfy my craving for jackety tops that I can wear alone or over tees. couldn't I?
I've also dug out a glove pattern that I could use some of this black suede'y' fabric for. Well I'll need some sewing to do while I look after Mum immediately after her hip replacement. Actually I think I'll take some other projects as well, I hate to just sit & twiddle my thumbs & cope with the type of conversations Mum is prone to having with me at the moment. I need distractions. Not being horrible, just realisitic. We can't take on the problems of the world & feel guilty for not doing so. Well I can't & I wish Mum would stop feeling this way, it only gives her more anxiety attacks & I see them as self inflicted when she's this way out. I love my Mum dearly & thank God she has all her faculties but it is hard to cope with her when she's this way out. There moan over.

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