Monday, 30 June 2008

This time I really have finished!

I started to cut out & then changed my mind about the planned top. Back to the wardrobe & I realised the top from V2925 I made a few months ago not only had the right neckline but it wasn't too long to go under the jacket & the navy was about the same shade as the trousers! Problem solved. The pics my friend took for me didn't quite cut it one way or another so I had to let my, 10 yr old on Thursday, son take them in DD's bedroom once we'd cleared a space against the white wall - the others are bright pink! I wish I could have found my phone as the auto focus camera on that is pretty good, instead Joe had to try & use my Nikon & lense which means some of the pics are not quite focused but they will have to do. I'm usually the photographer in the family so pics of me are few & far between.
I like the jacket with the trousers better than with the dress & as for the bag - well that's better with the pants as well!

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Anonymous said...

These garments suit you very well! I especially like the pants/jacket combo, and also the dress on you (shown on flickr). Great, keep on going!