Saturday, 28 June 2008


I finished all my June Capsule Contest yesterday. It took me a week to muster up the enthusiasm to finish the bag but it's done now & I don't like it! Well I do - but not with the capsule. My DS says he won't be seen out with me if I use it. It is far bigger than I imagined it would be so it's definitely a stop & stare bag! It might be fun to see how much attention it gets when I go out. Next I have to get photos of me wearing the creations, hope the weather's nice tomorrow & DS is in a co-operative mood!
I need to decide what to sew next. Something quick & simple again, I have skirt & blouse fabric & Burda WoF calling me, or the white Vogue pattern jacket? I also want to do the nightwear sewalong but I don't think I have any fabric, I need to decide on styles too. No PJ's, I get too hot these days, although some summer PJ's would be good for the holiday in case someone catches sight of me outside the caravan in the mornings. In fact I need some holiday clothes as well. Most of all I need some shoes & sandals but I need time on my own to go & buy some, Shoe shopping & DS don't go hand in hand.
On a completely different subject, work is a pain. I discovered a while ago that I was doing the same work as a supervisor at another hospital within the trust. I'm on a payband 2 steps lower so I complained. The outcome to date? I have to rewrite my job description & then the "new" supervisors job will be advertised. So I'll have to re apply for my job. I'm not happy. What happened to internal promotion?

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