Sunday, 15 June 2008


I've got somewhere with my sewing for a change. Not finished yet but on the way after a couple of false starts. The beige trousers have been relegated to a second capsule (if I get it sewn up!) & a pair of navy in a different style substituted. The jacket is done & the dress too. Just have a top to make if I ever finalise a style, & I decided to make Linda Ghee's Fish Bag as my accessory which I may get started later tonight. Or not.
I made a top from my chosen fabric but it just doesn't go with the jacket. It does go with the pants & some others I have so not a lost cause. The beige trousers also go with other tops so that's good.
I have some off white linen that is an exact match for the off white of the dress which I have been deliberating about whether to make a jacket or a pair of trousers. I think the jacket's winning. Probably Vogue 8480
So the Capsule patterns so far:
Vogue2925 for the trousers. Vogue 8472 for the dress & jacket, the dress was lengthened by about 5" & the jacket by 2". Fabulous Fish Handbag from Linda Ghee.

All garments displayed on my new friend who is currently nameless & doesn't yet have my bust - hence the dress isn't quite right on her! The back of the jacket is gathered onto the yoke , a detail that I was'nt sure about but quite like now.

I'm changing the name from Summer Holiday too as this isn't a packable wardrobe, maybe I'll call it A Summer's Eve to fit with my casual but attempting to look smarter when I go out look!

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