Monday, 3 January 2011

Ohhhhhhh ................. tomorrows another birthday!  I'll be 52 & part of me wonders how things could have been different if I'd chosen to follow a different path.  But.  I chose the path I'm on now & must make of it what I can.  I have a loving husband & children, not to mention the animals!  I'm actually very lucky.  I read a new to me blog the other day & the thoughts on Simplicity seemed to make sense, certainly made me take the time to do a little thinking.  Have a look. Coincidently Joy had first written her thoughts on the 4th January 2005, my 46th (?) birthday! 
Just how lucky I am was brought home a few weeks back when the hospital rang to ask if I knew my DH had presented himself in ER with a suspected heart attack.  No I had no idea.  Silly man had felt unwell at work & driven himself there.  Anyhow they told me he was being transferred by ambulance to Lancaster where he would stay until they knew what was happening.  Now at this point I was actually feeling quite panicky but I knew I had to hold it together for our Joe's sake, so I chose to stay home & not go down to be with him as he is the worlds worst patient in hospital & I knew he would become more agitated if Joe & I were there.  You make think that a strange decision when a loved one is potentially seriously ill but I know my husband.  Had the nurse (whom I know as I work at the local hospital) suggested I go then I would have known it was very serious & gone.  I rang Lancaster an hour later & they were waiting for a cardiologist, Friday evening isn't the best time to find available staff it seems.  Long story short, he was discharged the next day with beta blockers & aspirin.  He's since had an echocardiogram which showed up no problems & he sees the cardiologist again this coming week.  We are sure it was stress that brought it on.
It was a huge shock for us both but I believe my darling anorak has realised that he needs to take time to relax more & not stress about what he can't change.  Financially things are much worse than last year & how we'll manage remains to be seen but manage we will, with the love of our family & friends all around us.
Dillon meanwhile remains the centre of attention when he can.  He, like most other dogs, loved the last snowfall.

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