Saturday, 8 January 2011

Oh dear ...........

The washing machine has died.  It stopped in the middle of a rinse cycle, so when I opened it, I had to be very careful not to flood the kitchen!  So now it has all been wrung out & along with what had to be washed immediately is now dripping over the bath, outside between showers & in the currently empty greenhouse.  The next load is going to my step-daughters later to be collected tomorrow.
Saturday morning is traditionally brunch consisting of drop scones & home made preserves.  It used to  be Sundays until I had to start work working then.

This morning we had apple, grape & orange flavoured with star anise & vanilla, lemon curd & apple, pear & grape.
Look at all these jellies that the anorak has made this last week.  Every time he saw fruit reduced he bought some.  There's cranberry & apple, apple & grape, apple, orange & whatever was left of everything else!
All awaitung labels & being put into storage for later in the year & presents.

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