Monday, 15 February 2010

Progress, backwards or forwards?

I have managed to find a helpful manager at work to assist me move up the career ladder.  He doesn't know it yet though!!  He is willing to push some funding my way.
Simply I need to earn more.  Not so simply - it isn't that easy to do.  So I decided I need to further my skills with a useful qualification.  Then I can offer a wider service to clients at work as well as privately.
Now my dream is to be able to make bespoke bras.  Hopefully the new area cancer centre is going to be based where I work.  Masectomy patients, bras ........... you get my drift?  BUT while it isn't easy getting suitable bras (you have to travel, Windermere seems to be the nearest so not that far) or buy mail order, choice is a bit limiting, talking to patients, it is obviously possible & a bespoke bra is going to cost far more than the dearest RTW bra & are these vulnerable women going to be able to afford or even want what would be a luxury purchase?  I'm not sure.  It is a plausable argument in my favour for the funding to be made available to me.  IMHO. 
I suspect though that it may be more beneficial to get some funding, to do a tailoring course.  Now I have always wanted to do this too & I'm quite sure that asking for funding for both won't result in a positive outcome!!  So do I venture down the tailoriing route, knowing I will be vastly undercharging at work to keep a steady supply of work coming in, which I know will infuriate me, my work is of a standard that demands a higher price, but will keep the bosses happy that we are providing an income generating,  non profit making  business, or what?  Currently I do lots of alterations that I hate doing & a fair amount of curtain making that I am qualified to do.  What a waste of my C & G level 3 cert, in soft furnishings.  OTH work funded that course & seem happy enough with the outcome so why should I worry?  I worry because I feel my sewing work at the hospital is way under valued & it gives a false impression of true price to joe public who will then expect our prices to be the norm when they are SO not.  I do have a few clients there who appreciate the value of my work & compensate me accordingly but this is stricly off the record.  You didn't read it here!
Actually what I need is a change of direction altogether into management but I'm not sure about wanting to be so involved in the politics at our place, having just seen at first hand how bad it is!  Oh decisions, decisions.  Now what would make it all so easy would be a nice little BIG win on the lottery instead. 
The other drawback to doing another course is that this time it would have to be distance learning & right now I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do anything much.  I need to be getting on with the ironing right now but here I am sat at the computer, then it's TV for an hour, first, The Lakes, followed by Raymond Blanc with a programme on chocolate.  Wish I had some chocolate, I feel a need.  It helps you know.

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