Sunday, 20 January 2008


It's that time of year when it does nothing but rain here in the north west of England. Time when you dream of somewhere warmer. Well warmer than it is now at any rate - we've had cool damp holidays abroad as well! I have pointedly refused to even contemplate booking a holiday until we have cleared debts & saved money for the last two years, so we didn't go away at all last year & only had a week in October in Cornwall the year before. Well this year we're going back to France, staying where we've been before, I do hope it is still as we remember it. Not our ideal holiday destination I may add, at least not mine or the anoraks, but it has something to occupy all of us for all the holiday so on that basis it's worth going. ie if the kids are happy then we're all happy! Fishing for all of us, horseriding for me & loads of stuff for kids.
Now all I have to do is book kennels for the dogs & save for that expense. They go to a wonderful place that they love so it's worth the extra.

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Suse said...

Pet kennels are so expensive, aren't they? As you say, worth it though.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!