Sunday, 7 May 2017

Thiughts on Me Made May 2017

Well apart from my inability to get a photo every day...... I have discovered gaps already. My clothes have all been made towards a work wardrobe not a weekend one!
Clothes from the 4th & 5th will appear next time I wear them & hopefully remember to get photos of!
In order Weds 3rd, same pattern different fabric as Tuesday. Thursday 4th, self drafted copy of a RTW that I loved & wore out, Sunday 6th a denim waistcoat with hidden pockets. This was originally made for a trip to London & contains hidden pockets for security, shown in pictures.
Credit card sized pocket in the facing, a Velcro closure pocket attached to the waist seam & a patch pocket secured with a snap behind the outside patch pocket.

Velcro secured pocket within patch pocket, also showing a zip pocket in the side seam.

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