Sunday, 11 October 2009


Two posts in one evening!!  I shall definitely be visiting Natland Millbeck Icecream Parlour during the food festival week, it's only around the corner!!  And dear Joe fancies sausage making down at Sillfield Farm near Endmoor, with Peter Gott, he who supplies Jamie Oliver no less.  Oh such a lot of goodies to anticipate.  Then I must remember that mother wants me in St Annes to conduct some business with her solicitor that week as well.  As long as it doesn't clash with the food, cos the food might win!!

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AudreysTeaShop said...

Hi Sue! Thought I'd check you out following your comment on my blog- we must be near each other, I'm in Dalton in Furness. We've also got in-law connections in St Annes! Love all your appley ideas- we have a ready supply so I'll have to be more adventurous next year!