Sunday, 15 March 2009

I do wish.........

I could keep up with this blog. Never mind I've been busy making cakes to see what my stepdaughter wants for her wedding. Most of the samples have now been eaten of course.

Also our beloved dog Jess is deteriorating, not sure if she will still be with us later in the week. She perked up earlier & I snapped this pic of her.

Typical pose.Had a good trip to the Sewing for Pleasure expo at Birmingham NEC last week & came home with THE fabric for my outfit for Michelles wedding. Plus lots of ideas for projects that I really don't have time for. Did I say I'm also making a wedding cake? Not icing it, that's for a professional. Just waiting on receiving the recipe from Mum, it was last used for my wedding cake & first used for my grandmothers cake around 1915, nearly 100 years old! Good job the ingredients will be more recent!!

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