Monday, 12 May 2008

June Capsule Update

Gosh aren't I getting ahead of myself. I found & then cut out & sewed up the trousers for plan B, just in case plan A doesn't come off!
The pattern is an out of print Butterick. Typically I over estimated how loose fitting they are & ended up taking the side seams in! This is because the last time I made them I wore a size 14. Sigh. My measurements are nearer an 18 in some areas so I cut them a bit too large. Serves me right, I should have stuck to my PMB pattern.
That's the beige linen / cotton blend used. Next up is likely to be the twill trousers for fishing but I need to draft a pattern as I want zip off cargo pants. Maybe I've got something similar somewhere to base the pattern on, like a Jalie mens pants that I just need to change the shape slightly. Hmmmmm. Bed is calling I'll sleep on it.

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